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Upcoming Music Festivals!!!

Posted on : 10-04-2015 | By : proaudioglobal | In : SunFest

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Upcoming festivals:

Apr. 11: Tortuga, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Apr. 10-19: Coachella, CA

Apr. 10-12: Euphoria, TX

Apr. 10-12: Lucidity< CA

Apr. 10-12: Rhythm n Blooms, TN

Apr. 16-19: Old Settlers, TX

Please visit US Music Festivals for more information.


SunFest – Reminder

Posted on : 30-03-2015 | By : proaudioglobal | In : SunFest




When: April 29, 2015 to May 3, 2015

Where: Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida

Advanced tickets can be purchased at the website till April 25th. After that, regular price must be paid.

More Information:

SunFest Facts



Tortuga Music Festival – Win FREE VIP Tickets!

Posted on : 20-03-2015 | By : proaudioglobal | In : Uncategorized

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Tortuga Music Festival

When: April 11-12, 2015 Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Florida

Who Performs?

Country’s biggest music stars such as

  • Kenny Chesney
  • Zac Brown band
  • Jake Owen
  • The Band Perry,
  • and much, much more!!!

To win the tickets, please click the following link:

Enter to win free tickets!

For 2015 lineup click below:

2015 line up!

To purchase tickets, click here!!!





Coachella 2015 lineup!

Posted on : 18-03-2015 | By : proaudioglobal | In : Uncategorized

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April 10-12, 2015 and April 17-19, 2015

Coachella will be held on the weekends of April 10th and 17th for 3 days at Empire Polo Club, Indio, California located at the coachella valley.





AC/DC, Drake and Jack White top the list of performers for 2015!





You can get the full lineup for 2015 at the Coachella official website:

Coachella 2015 lineup

Tickets can be purchased at the Coachella official website. Payment plan is available.


SunFest – April 29, 2015 to May 3, 2015

Posted on : 10-03-2015 | By : proaudioglobal | In : Uncategorized


Where is SunFest held?:


SunFest Map




Apr. 29 and Apr. 30       5 Pm to 10 PM

May 1                                5 PM to 11 PM

May 2                                Noon to 11 PM

May 3                                Noon to 9 PM


SunFest Fireworks




There will be a fireworks show at 9 PM on May 3, 2015

There is fun for kids also. The Juried Fine art and Craft show and Xfinity KidZone provide fun for kids while the adults watch the show. Following are the hours of operation:

May 1                           5 to 10 PM

May 2                           Noon to 10 PM

May 3                           Noon to 9 PM


SunFest – Facts

Posted on : 03-03-2015 | By : proaudioglobal | In : SunFest

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Facts about SunFest:

  • Started as a non profit in 1982 in Palm Beach County
  • Florida’s largest art and music festival held at waterfront
  • Hours: Wed.-Thurs., 5 p.m.-10 p.m.; Fri., 5 p.m.-11 p.m.; Sat., noon-11 p.m.; Sun, noon-9 p.m.
  • Gates: Entry can be made at Centennial Square, Datura Street, Fern Street and Trinity Park.
  • Advanced Price Tickets: Adult One day pass is $32, 2 day pass is $50 and $70 for a five day pass (must be purchased between April 12th and April 25th)
  • Regular Adult ticket price is $40 for one day, $60 for two days and $80 for five days
  • Advanced price for youth is, $10 for one day, $17 for 2 days and $25 for five days
  • Regular price for youth is, $12 for one day, $20 for 2 days and $30 for five days
  • Senior tickets are $20 per day (only available at the gate)
  • Free for Children under 5
  • Can be purchased at any Publix stores in Palm Beach and Martin counties
  • Tickets can also be purchased at http://www.sunfest.com or by calling 1-
  • If the program is rained out, there are no refunds!
  • Can take the following items to the venue:

SunFest 2015 Line up

Posted on : 26-02-2015 | By : proaudioglobal | In : Uncategorized

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SunFest 2015:

SunFest is here again. West Palm Beach waterfront on April 29-May 3, 2015:


Here is this year’s line up (courtesy of Palm Beach Post):

  • Comeback kings Fall Out Boy
  • indie rock masters
  • The Pixies and Wilco
  • recent Grammy winners Paramore
  • current charters Hozier
  • bonafide rock star and Super Bowl half time co-star Lenny Kravitz, hot DJ Kaskade
  • legendary rockers BOSTON and Sammy Hagar and the Circle
  • eclectic Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  • reggae stars 311
  • Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
  • Matisyahu and SOJA and ’90s favorites Stone Temple Pilots featuring former Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington

For more information, please visit:

SunFest 2015

You can also visit SunFest homepage at:

Florida SunFest

Movies Capital movie downloads scam? – Honest Review

Posted on : 05-12-2011 | By : proaudioglobal | In : Legal Movie Downloads, Movie Downloads Site, Movie Downloads Site Review

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If You Are Interested In Choosing Movies Capital Then This Is The Most Important Page You’ll Ever See……Keep Reading

What is Movie Capital?

For a small fee, a person can become a member of Movie Capital site. As a member he/she is entitled to unlimited legal movie downloads. They are open 24/7 online for downloading and support. They have a huge database of movies to download: Horror, Mystery, Musical, Suspense, Family, Cartoons, Classic, Action, Comedy, Drama , Romance and Thrillers movies. No per title fees. No P2P file sharing either. You can download movies from their server 24/7 online. After you download a movie it is yours to keep. You can burn the movie into a DVD and watch it later in a TV set or you can watch the movie from Laptop or Smartphone. Mac Computers are supported too. The service can be used outside US too.

Click Here to become a member of Movies Capital right now

Information on Movies Capital

MoviesCapital.com is a legal movie downloads site. It has license to distribute movies online both for downloading and streaming.

Why choose Movie Capital?

  • They are open 24/7 online for downloading and support
  • No P2P file sharing. You download from their server 24/7
  • Nominal one time fee. No monthly charges or per title fee
  • Legal unlimited movie downloads


Click Here to become a member of Movies Capital right now


Cool Kristen Stewart Wallpaper:



What is included?

Legal unlimited movie downloads. Once a movie is downloaded it is yours to keep. Can be burnt to DVD using their tools so that you can see the DVD on a TV set. The service can be used outside US also.

Click Here to become a member of Movies Capital right now


Who will benefit most from Movie Downloads Site?

If you or your family watch a lot of movies,

you will benefit from the Movie Downloads Site. For a fee of less than forty bucks, you can watch unlimited movies for 5 years. Compare this with paying $2 per rental to watch a movie. Once you download, the movie is yours to keep. This will benefit those that watch movies moderately also.

Click Here to become a member of Movies Capital right now


The Good and the Bad


For less than $40 you can download unlimited movies online

Open 24/7 for support and downloading

Legal unlimited movie downloads

No other hidden charges or monthly fee


Currently all downloaded movies are only in AVI format

Streaming movies are in WMV format only


Movie Capital is not a scam. Where will you get unlimited movie downloads 24/7 for less than $40 for 5 years? There is great value in this.

Click Here to become a member of Movies Capital right now



This is not for anyone who is looking for a quick fix solution or anyone looking to be told fairy tales or hyped up programs.

For anyone looking for the best solution to Movie Downloads Site we have given our impartial review for your consideration and action.

Thanks for reading this review and good luck to you!

Click Here to become a member of Movies Capital right now

More about Legal Movie Downloads

Posted on : 01-12-2011 | By : proaudioglobal | In : Legal Movie Downloads

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More information about Legal Movie Downloads:

Legal movie downloads are not an option anymore. It is a necessity if you want to get out of trouble. Authorities are cracking down on illegal download sites. BSA (Business Software Alliance) has announced a prize of $1000 to report video piracy.

What will happen if you don’t use legal movie downloads?

You can report illegal sites anonymously through BSA. In the words of BSA, software piracy is: the unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted software. This can be done by copying, downloading, sharing, selling, or installing multiple copies onto personal or work computers. It is illegal, increases security risks and results in economic harm such as loss of jobs and tax revenue. In 2010, over 20000 people were sued for video piracy according to the Hollywood Reporter. These people did not get sued by large filmmakers. These are small independent films such as, Steam experiment, Far Cry, Uncross the Stars, Gray Man and Call of the Wild 3D. Another 30000 lawsuits are pending for 5 other films. So, you get the point. It is always safe to use legal movie downloads sites rather than using free movie downloads online.


What is the best Legal movie downloads site?



There are so many sites offering movies online. For the average consumer it is a daunting task to choose the best legal movie downloads site. That is the reason we are offering this review so that you can choose the best site to download movies. The site that we are recommending is a trustworthy site and it is easy to use and does not charge too much.


Click Here to learn more about legal movie downloads.

More about Movie Downloads Site

Posted on : 27-11-2011 | By : proaudioglobal | In : Legal Movie Downloads, Movie Downloads Site, Movie Downloads Site Review

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More information on Movie Downloads Site

There are so many Movie downloads sites online. Some of them even let you download movies for free. Authorities are cracking on illegal sites and if caught there are hefty fines and in some cases even imprisonment. Not only illegal sites are subject to fine but also those who download from these sites. Legal movie downloads is not an option anymore, it is a necessity if you want peace of mind downloading movies.


Which is a trustworthy movie downloads site?

One is going to be confused when they go online and search for movie downloads site. Google search is going to spit out 100’s of sites offering movie downloads. One needs to have a lot of patience going through this exhaustive list of downloading sites to find out who is the best. It will involve a lot of time and energy.  Fortunately, we have cut through the chase and offer you the one movie downloads site that is trustworthy, cost effective, simple to use so that you will have the peace of mind of watching movies for a little fees.


What do you get from movie downloads site?

This site offers 24/7 download and support. No additional software or hardware is needed. No per title fees. No P2P file sharing either. After you download a movie it is yours to keep. You can even watch the movie while it is being downloaded. You get unlimited movie downloads for a small fee. You can either sign up for 3 months or 1 year or 5 year for less than forty bucks. They have a huge database of movies: Horror, Mystery, Musical, Suspense, Family, Cartoons, Classic, Action, Comedy, Drama , Romance and Thrillers movies. All these for less than $40 for an year? Believe it, it is true! No additional monthly fees either.


Click Here to learn more about movie downloads site!

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